How many pips is the Best in a successful trade

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depends on how you trade

scalpers = 1- 50 pips
swingers = 100-500
long term trader = 1000-anything

dont count pips. dont count money. just leave when you “feel scared” for your profits. but have a minimum take profit of 1:1 after that you can choose when to close but never close before. that could be a tactic for you.

or you have a fixed r/r ratio where you put a stop loss of lets say 50 pips and you never take profit below 100 pips (r/r = 1:2). its completely up to you.

the important part is that you cut losses short and let profits run. what to expect from each trade and where it could go is a thing that comes solely with experience. there is no formular to calculate how far a trebd will last and how long you can ride it.



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