Stop Loss is very Important in Forex Trading

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By Camasu
In Forex trading is very important in Forex trading. No Stop Loss is like driving a Car without break system. You imagine a car without Break, this car will stop in 2 condition. One is ACCIDENT and the other one FUEL EMPTY
In Forex your you are seriously injure you enter a great loss when the market against you or account Burn.
DON’T FORGET TO PUT A STOP LOSS, some of the investors say don’t put stop loss , that is their investing method.
My advice is very important for a beginner to put a stop loss, safety first driving can travel for longer journey.
Hope you all can success though

These are some main and simple STOP LOSS types for Forex Trading Beginner
FIX STOP- Equity Stop Loss in Percentage

Volatility stop (BB or ATR)
Margin stop (Predetermined Amount)
Time Stop (Predetermined time or day)
As Stop Loss is very important but trading without profit take will be no point for trading, so at the end I will tell the common types of Profit Take. In these is no method of earning money hard theaching. Life easy happy life is main principle

I sub divided PROFIT TAKE in 2 simple ways that is enough in use for beginner :
Fix Profit: Equity Profit- Percentage

Variable Stop: Chart Profit (SNR)
Volatility Profit ( Bollinger Band, ATR)
Time Profit (Predetermined time / day)



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