The Crystal DZI

By camasu

“Dzi” has been at least 1,300 years of history, has been regarded as a precious jewelry by the Tibetans, for steganography Qibao of ㄧ. The main origin from Tibet, eastern Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, A Mubarak Himalayas Hill Domain, is a very rare gem, Tibetans still think the Dzi is heaven stone; according to the scientific point of view, Dzi the nine stone shale containing jade and agate ingredients in the history books, “referred to as the” nine stone Dzi “, the Dzi internal structure, with strong natural magnetic energy of the universe.

The Dzi’s magnetic field, is three times that of the crystal, the crystal magnetic wave is 4 volts, a Dzi compared with 13 volts, with The dZi the magnetic energy is very soft, the most suitable for wearing in various parts of the body. Usually the higher the hardness of the ore, the stronger the magnetic field of 7 to 8.5 Mohs hardness of Dzi not any ore magnetic field is stronger than Dzi, which is the reason why Tibet agate called Dzi !



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