The Rich Beggar

By camasu
Wednesday December 29, 2010, The Star
Beggar falls into drain – with RM4,600 in his pocket

Compiled by Beh Yuen Hui

A BEGGAR fell into a drain while sleeping by the roadside and – to the surprise of his rescuers – he had RM4,643 on him, Sin Chew Daily reported.

Rescuers found the money on him during the Christmas Day incident in Penang.

The 64-year-old man was saved by firemen and sent to a hospital. The money was in a plastic bag stuffed in his pocket.

The money was returned to the beggar when he was discharged.

A member of the public said the beggar had been around for the last three years.

“He always asks passers-by for money, saying that he needs to buy a bus ticket to go back to Taiping.”



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