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By Camasu

Grab Freebies

Code No.: C100819002

Our Mission is to build a better greenworld future for the young generation.
Therefore, we come out these ideas of giving away instead of throwing and burning away. Please feel free to voice out which items you want, instead of standing do nothing at all. Let’s together helps the earth to turn to e-green environment.

Old book  in Bahasa Malaysia one unit

Puisi Tradisional, Sajak………suitable for Form 4

ANAK LAUT, dicetak oleh: Harian (Zulfadzli) Sdn Bhd

This is given away free, collect at Penang, Malaysia) or  for delivery postage not paid.

For the people who want to use for their own.

Not for re selling as business, or any profit received.

Please e mail to save expenses, if you phone this may cost more than the thing you received.



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