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By Camasu

Business that you think is rightPaste from m... web

 If you are standard company you have the right to keep real business in tread, not to think only the ways to earn more. Is time for you to supervise the market for healthier and cleaner business? Make sure you don’t create problem for the market, specifically e-trade company. Malaysia is virgin e trade market for e trade trustee is very important.

 The problem is a well known e-trade companyin Malaysia, let us call M company. ProNiaga is not given you free at all. (Please refer above). If this free why use M… credit.

The M… company must remember when we post the products in your trade place that we support you.

 This is better for the company to say that is no free.

 1. Remember when use money to exchange the credit, that the company is against the Akta Bank Negara .That means the company  issue  token.

 2. FREE, and we have to pay or use M.. Credit is the same, which means you are against the “Sale of goods act Malaysia”,

 M…. credit to pay for ads and premium services this is not free

I simplify as M… credit = Money, therefore this is equal you pay the money.

 Why so complicated, if your e- trading place is good, just say ‘you pay for it’. If free than totally free. You better learn from other e-trade company in the world. Do not try to manipulate people with the methods you are using.



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