Who monitor Malaysian market

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Who monitor Malaysian market (KLSE)?
 Everything that happens with the stock market happens by design. There are no flukes, or accidents, of matters of chance. It is all carefully planned out by somebody for whatever result we see.
 My guess is that there’s a computer glitch somewhere, either on purpose or accident. This seems like it could be some kind of test for the unsanctioned manipulation of information and our response as a nation. Wouldn’t be surprised if the technology war has started.
 This system is rigged and dishonest. It’s been proven time and time again. The market ‘rulers’ are out to screw people who invest. Any ‘regular’ person who is in the stock market is a fool. you are a pawn ready to be fleeced by these amoral, dishonest bxxards
This was a perfectly planned attack in my opinion. Stocks had been on the verge of a sell-off for some time on European debt worries. This was the exact spark needed to set all the fuel on fire
 I think it may have been possible for big firms to in fact sell your stock you own in a mutual fund for pennies than to buy back it at a penny with the firms money–then sell it again 15 minutes later at the real price and make a profit–then buy it back at regular price for you to recover the stock of yours they sold–but this is just my theory



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