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By Camasu

Marketing and Repeat Sales

A new online store, without promoting, it’s hardly anyone know your online store’s existence. For your online store to be known, marketing play a very important role.

After you started to have buyers, another problem will arise which is how to ensure buyers will return and continue buying from you?

The following is the features included in eCommerce package that help you solve the above problem

Each of your products or services in your web, there are many other website’s icon. With just a click at the icon, you can promote your products to all your friends along with product name, product picture, product price and product description

Join our WHOFINDWHO AD exchange network

 You can also join our Ad Exchange Network program. It’s a free service to all our eCommerce clients.

What is it and how it helps you? Alright, any client that joined whofindwho Ad Exchange Network, your online store will show a small size side box located either left or right of the whofindwho web. The boxes will randomly pick-up advertisement images submitted or expose to the web user or market. it’s a cross-advertise exchange network in between all participate as we have a huge traffic rank. This is an optional service and you can choose to join or not to join.



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