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1. Life,  2. Fate,  3.Feng shui,  4.Deserve  and 5. Education  (一命, 二运, 三風水, 四积德, 五读书).  Today education should at the first position, education change our life

 Nowadays education is more important, we must learn more and read more.  You can upgrade yourself thorough higher education. Japanese candle chart analysis are now used internationally by investors and premier financial institutions.




 We discuss some candle chart patterns that easy and commonly used.  There are many important candle patterns and trading tactics we will not discuss in this beginning, only simple introduction, later go in from simple to the details. As such, do not trade based on the limited information. The goal here is to illustrate how candles can open new and unique analytical doors, not to provide a trading methodology. Much time candle signals should be ignored, we used only a small of the chart.

Candle chart is the lines of resemble candlestick. The Candle Charting is used internationally by investors and financial institutions.

  1. Easy to understand: Anyone can easily harness the power of candle charts. Some data required to draw a bar chart (high, low, open and close) is used for candle chart.
  2. Provide earlier indications of market turns: Candle charts can send out reversal signal in few sessions, thus, market turns with candle charts will frequently be in advance of traditional indicators to help you to enter or exit the market with better timing.
  3. Furnish unique market insights: Candle charts not only show the trend of the move, also show the force underpinning the move.
  4. Enhance Western charting analysis: Western technical tool also can be used on candle chart. Candle chart will give timing and trading benefits not available with bar charts. This merging of Eastern and Western analysis will give you more details than used only Western charting techniques.

The bar chart indicate

The candle chart show

The candle chart uses the same data as the bar chart; we look at the circled area. The different perspective we get with the candle chart than with the bar chart.  In the same circled area of the candle chart, there are a series of small real bodies which the Japanese nickname spinning tops. Small real bodies hint that the prior trend could be losing its breath.

 To be continuous next in, basis of candle chart..



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