Create Your own Investment Rules

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 I usually said find your own way to invest, every day life, doing business.  People don’t tell in what way can earn big and fast.

First you work as many try as possible, everything have their signs, systems, when happen, where, how, we see, hear* and most important is the study the characteristic.  From there you get all the good facts, after that you use the facts to support and become theories. Collect many theories to create our own Rule. You must obey the rule that you form. We follow according to the rule for our investments. 

The specialty of hearing is not for you to collect rumors from your surrounding.  We just hear somebody said, the ways they lost, gain or their history. If want here the great investors talk, that nothing I can say.  Here we like the sound of little man (i.e. uncle, aunt or young man) said. Usually,   these people paid for the history to learn and tell us all the trueness and we learn from them without pay for the lost, just like ants story. Usually an ant carries a Big rice than serve all their friends….



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