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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         By CAMASU

Not the best method but it works.  The way that many people don’t follow although they all know that can bring more income, it look slow actually not, the only thing is you must start. There are many methods of investment can bring profits. I just bring you what the history told me, and that all I step before. Don’t compare to the moneyed investors. I can tell you they even buy a stone also can sell at the price higher than jade. Camasu.com just talks in the ways of Malaysian does, market only base on KLSE ( BSKL ).

Begin with some nonsense  things, invest in share market is better than you buy lottery, animals racing sports, casino games 0r digital games (4D) that you only buy and cash your ticket which must match their conditions at the fix date or time, after that time the ticket will become rubbish. This game* investment is only less than 10 %* that can study the proprieties of gain (the % only base on some selected games only not for all). Security markets there are many world record methods that can bring good profits provided that you do it in the right time and place.  Once you choose a good security, you place a period you take profits not like the investments stated above that they lock a date or time for you.

I am not famous in the world as the earth positive investor like W. Buffett or the negative investor like G.Soros. You must think twice before (in chinese三思而候行) you try. If you are Chinese you must think triple……..  There are thousand of counters in KLSE, about 30% of the securities are for moneyed people or moneyed investing company. Before you invest, you question ate yourself, how many % of earning you want. How many capitals is your investment. You can afford how long you are in the tempory lost period. That’s all may be you say that all the earth people know, once I can tell you, YOU practice it or not? You do try it and follow what is planed. For example I am interesting in the companies that the par value RM0.50 and above, especially the par value RM1.00 shares issue not too many, no PN17 or problems company. You must do the investing homework study the securities characteristic. Company reports, news and etc. from KLSE.   No lost or lost little, have chance to bigger gain that the share I like. If you take time to study that you can find lots of these shares that can bring profits for you.

From the past records Pacific Chemical was one company that listed in KLSE, share issued only 2080 lots was once of small capitals company, par value $1.00 (that time 1000 units per lot), I told many of my friends that this share was less than 500 lots in the trading market, the rest of then were hold by the fund managers or the directors of the company. The share was traded from $7.00 up to over $20.00, than give bonus issue 10 for 1. After bonus issue you have 11 lots and the share still going up to over $20.00. This you please calculate for me what is the earning.

The mean point the share that became hero once in the past   is hard to become hero again. In the past Antah Holding hit the record high $9.75, I think this is 20 years ago, Hwa Tai Industrial Berhad 0ver $200.00 per share, Anaku, Southern Plastic, Chee Wah Corporation Bhd., Sunrise Berhad and etc. We try to choose the shares that not been hero before.  May be you can say there some blue chip share that always create new records, that you can follow earth well known investor.

If you are lucky, you earn a lot in securities or business I hope you turn your soft investment to hard investment. I usually follow the rule that I fit there is 3 years one small changes, 10 years one big change.



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