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D’nonce (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated in 1989 as a private limited company. It started operations as a trading company, with focus on the sales and distribution of specialized adhesive tapes to the electronic and electrical product manufacturers in Penang, Malaysia. Eversince, business and customer base expanded rapidly and D’nonce has established additional subsidiaries in Kuala Lumpur, Johor and Kelantan. Thus an extensive network from north to south, central to east coast regions of Malaysia was established to provide better support to customers in the respective areas.

The year 2001, saw the transformation of the D’nonce Group into D’nonce Technology Berhad, a public listed entity on the Malaysian Stock Exchange, Bursa Malaysia Bhd., KLSE Since then, D’nonce has experienced steady growth, venturing overseas into Thailand by setting up a cleanroom plant in Bangkok for assembly of disk drive filters and also established sales offices in Bangkok and Hatyai.

On the local front, D’nonce has stepped up its pace in moving into the consumer market. its flagship product – AIRAYA Broadband Wireless,Lantech Industrial IP Networks & HIKVision Security Systems.

Today, D’nonce Technology Berhad functions as an investment holding company for its many subsidiaries. The business of the group is categorized into 4 main divisions: Contract Manufacturing; Sales & Distribution; Customized Packaging;Security System & Industrial IP Networks Solutions.

The success of D’nonce can be strongly attributed to its unwavering commitment to its customers, employees and suppliers. To its customers, D’nonce strives to provide quality products and services that exceed all expectations. Always having the best interests of its employees in mind, the company provides them with the training and guidance that will help them grow in their careers. Finally, D’nonce works closely with its suppliers in order to constantly raise the bar on quality, which ultimately benefits all parties. D’nonce is dedicated to being “Global Player” in the mutual pursuit of excellence and “Best in class”.

Recent  financial Results :

Yr. End
Qtr Period End Revenue
RM ‘000
EPS Amended
27-Jan-10   31-Aug-10   1 30-Nov-09   45,108   536   0.22  
30-Oct-09   31-Aug-09   4 31-Aug-09   41,977   132   1.05  
28-Jul-09   31-Aug-09   3 31-May-09   42,570   423   0.15  
28-Apr-09   31-Aug-09   2 28-Feb-09   39,225   -2,565   -5.04  


As the financial reports show the positive move, as this a small capital compamy with the ordinary shares of RM1.00 each, Usually small capital compamy with the ordinary shares of RM1.00 each and the market price is below the share value. The first half of last year the market is between RM0.10 to RM0.22 with very low volume and the second half is between RM0.19 to RM0.38 with a good increase in volume. Year 2010 the market price is reach  RM0.40 and strongly support above RM0.40, so what, you know how to do. Please don,t ask me?? …..berhati hati!!

Chart for your reference.


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